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When clients come to see us, they often have specific goals or priorities in mind. Some clients want to create a plan that will protect a family member, while others are interested in protecting a minor child or planning for a second marriage or college for their kids. At Dart Law we work with clients to determine the best way to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

Our firm drafts and reviews the following estate planning documents with clients:

  • Power of attorney: A power of attorney allows you to name the person who will step into your shoes when you are unable to make decisions. There are various power of attorney documents, including those pertaining to both finances and healthcare.

  • Wills: It is important to decide who will receive your assets at the time of your death. Without a will, that decision is left to the court.

  • Living Will (Health care directives): A health care directive names a specific person to carry out your medical wishes. Having a person named can eliminate problems in the event of a medical emergency.

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