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Legal matters affecting the family can be challenging, emotionally and financially for clients. During these times of ambiguity and uncertainty, Dart Law can bring clarity to your case. We understand the multitude of stresses that parents and children face. Our firm is here to guide you through the entire legal process here in Colorado. We are focused on providing a high level of representation to each client while ensuring an excellent customer experience through our use of technology.

Our family law services include:

Getting a Divorce?

Learn Nine divorce do’s and dont’s from our experienced attorney.

Serving You with Experience & Empathy

Josh Dart Esquire has 33 years of experience in the business world. He has been licensed as an Attorney & Counselor at Law in the State of Colorado since 2010. He is a compassionate attorney who is dedicated to providing personalized counsel to each client. He listens to you and tailors an approach unique to your goals and needs. Every phone call is returned promptly and each client works throught this challengeing with an Attorney from beginning to end. We bring the right balance of skill, empathy, and experience to help you resolve your matter favorably.

Dart Law staff are hands-on throughout the process, from negotiation all the way to litigation. When you need an advocate who will stand by you and work hard to protect your rights, whether contested or uncontested, Dart Law is ready to help!

Explore Your Legal Options Today

If you would like to discuss your family law matter or if you have questions about our services, feel free to contact a Dart Law attorney for more information. As a Colorado divorce firm located in Denver & Fort Collins, our clients come from along the frontrange and nearby communities.

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