Post Divorce Modifications

After a divorce, couples may find that their existing divorce agreements no longer apply to their current situation. Life is full of changes, and it is important to update a divorce agreement to reflect these changes. When you experience a substantial change in your circumstances, you may be able to request a modification. Dart Law helps families modify divorce agreements as they relate to child support, child custody, and alimony.

Attorney Dart and his legal team provide years of legal experience to each matter, guiding you through the family law system and helping you to understand how laws are interpreted and applied. We can assist clients with modification requests and dispute a request for modification. Learn more when you contact our team.

When a Modification Is Needed?

There are a variety of life changes that can necessitate the need for modification. It does not have to be a negative change, such as losing a job. Positive changes, such as an increase in income, can also lead to modifications.

A modification may be granted by a Colroado Court for circumstances such as:

Job loss

Substantial change in income




Modifications must be filed with the Court and approved by a judge. Deciding to relocate without a court’s consent or refusing the pay child support can lead to additional trouble with the court. You can speak with Attorney Josh Dart if you have questions about your situation.

Tell Us About Your Changes

If you recently experienced a change in your life that may affect your divorce order (whether positive or negative), discuss your concerns with Josh Dart, an experienced modification attorney in Denver. We can review the merits of your modification request and advise you on how to handle modifying your existing agreement. If you would like to contest a modification request, we can also assist you in challenging the other party’s petition.

Call (303) 228-7070 for more information about post-divorce modifications in Colorado.

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