Child Custody


Matters involving custody and sharing time with children often present unique challenges for parents. At the Dart Law Firm, we advocate for you and work to protect you and your child’s best interests. From deciding time-sharing plans to parental responsibility, Josh Dart and his legal team can walk you through every step, through negotiations all the way to a trial. We are committed to providing a high level of personalized attention that meets your needs.

How Courts Decide Custody Matters
In Colorado, child custody is commonly referred to as parenting time, with the court granting parents with either a shared or sole role in raising the child. In most cases, courts prefer arrangements where both parents are allowed to spend time with their children unless such arrangements would be detrimental to the child. Parents are encouraged to work together when creating parenting plans, otherwise a judge will make a decision for you based on the best interests of your child.

Factors that can affect a custody determination:

Each parent’s physical and emotional health

The stability of each parent’s home

Each parent’s ability to care for a child’s needs

If a parent is likely to encourage contact with the other parent

Whether there is any history of violence in the home

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